Comte Henri-Amédée-Mercure de Turenne-d'Aynac

Comte Henri-Amédée-Mercure de Turenne-d’Aynac

Jacques-Louis David, French, 1748-1825


Oil on Canvas

The Comte de Turenne is portrayed wearing a uniform and medals, which record his distinguished service in the French army. David added another military symbol, a sword, after most of the painting was complete; its hilt has since become slightly translucent. Both the sitter and the artist were closely associated with Napoleon, who had been defeated in Waterloo in 1815, a year before this portrait was painted. By 1816, both the count and David were living in exile in Brussels.

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Why would this man want his portrait painted in uniform?

What role does authority play in aggression? Is aggression more permissible if it is coming from a superior?

How would you want your portrait painted? What sort of expression would you want drawn, and why?

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