Going to Market on a Misty Morning

Going to Market on a Misty Morning

Constant Troyon, French, 1810-1865


Oil on Panel

A shepherdess emerges from the morning mist, leading a cow and a flock of unruly sheep down a country road. Behind her, a man on horseback, silhouetted against the light, is impeded in his progress. This scene of rural life became quite celebrated and Troyon made several versions of it, one of which drew admiration from a young Claude Monet when it was exhibited at the 1859 Paris Salon.

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How do you interpret the figure of the man in the shadows? Is his ambiguity ominous or innocent?

Look carefully on the right side of the painting. Do these bystanders make the scene safer with their presence?

Can aggression be alleviated when it is anticipated, like it is in this painting?

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