Two Horses Fighting in a Stormy Landscape

Two Horses Fighting in a Stormy Landscape

Ferdinand-Victor-Eugene Delacroix, French, 1798-1863


Oil on Canvas

With its freely applied brushstrokes and stormy sky, this image of fighting horses has an ominous, dreamlike character. Delacroix, who is among the most significant artists associated with the Romantic movement in early nineteenth-century European art, sometimes used animals in his paintings to evoke elemental aspects of human nature. Here, the halo effect of the pale horse’s mane and the violence of the dark horse’s lunge evoke a conflict between the forces of good and evil.

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What techniques is Delacroix using to create tension in this painting?


How does color play a role distinguishing good and evil? What is the danger of this?


Is aggression an instinct innate in both humans and animals?

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