1st visit Musée d'Arrt Moderne et Contemporain

 The modern and contemporary art museum


Its collections of paintings, sculptures, installations, graphic arts and photography from 1870 to the present, are mainly focused on Western Europe (Kandinsky, Picasso, Arp, Baselitz ) and provide a rich overview pioneers of modern art to contemporary art. Two or three annual exhibitions complete the artistic panorama.


Artwork 1

Auguste Rodin, The Thinker, 1904Plâtre cake on wood 183.5 x 156.5 x 142 cm.
The human condition, often violence is related to fear, fear of death.
Will I be judged by my actions?

Artwork 2

Victor Brauner, The Word, 1938Huile on canvas 73 x 60 cm
Painting Brauner puts Image parole.Que the question of do we say? That include those listening? Words can become aggressive objects, weapons or simply the messengers of our darkest impulses.
= The power of words, communication
Artwork 3

• André Masson, horses attacked by fish, 1932Huile on canvas
By an automatic procedure (let go of the pencil on the canvas without looking)
Masson brings out of his unconscious violent and improbable
scene of battle between fish and horses, but it leaves open the
viewer to invent his own interpretation
= convert forces into something else,
the importance of different viewpoints
regarding interpretation; How to express things that are not made
in our mind: the impulses?
Artwork 4

Georg Baselitz, Bild einunddreizig 1994 Oil on canvas

The painting stands out for its format and technique.On guess watching the pictorial traces the artist worked on the ground, he walked on the canvas and painted with hands directly, as a kind of fight with his own table. The manner of painting reveals the wrath of the artist.
Violence = the pictorial touch


Artwork 5

AR Penck, Vor dem Ausschuss (front scrap) 1989Acrylique on canvas 340 x 340 cm
Penck (born artist RDA) invented a universal language creating gross signesgraphiques which contrast sharply with bright colors dripping from the bottom. By accumulating archetypal symbols, the artist tells the violent history of mankind.
= The universal character of signs, colors (archetypes) to tell … even violence

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