1st visit Musée de L'oeuvre Notre-Dame

The Museum Oeuvre Notre Dame


It presents the art of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in the Upper Rhine region. The statuary of the cathedral of Strasbourg, paintings, sculptures, stained glass, silverware, furniture and a Gothic garden are collections of this museum atmosphere. A first visit of the Museum of Notre Dame work: writing workshops In front of Each of the works covered, a writing exercise with forced Many Individuals allowed to Each student has first-have personal approach to the work. The pooling of different answers Each Time Was the starting points of discussion.

Work 1

Deacon rood screen Strasbourg Cathedral Sandstone in 1250, the round H: 149 cm This young deacon Does not hold a book His Hands … There is something else … Write constraint: In his hands, this young man holds Perhaps Stone … or maybe … or maybe … List all que le might statue

Carefully grip n In His Hands

Work 2

The Tempter South portal of the western façade of the cathedral 1280-1300 Towards Sandstone, traces of polychrome H. 160-170 cm Here is The Beginning of sentences says the statue (Inspiration: Stephanie Schneider, workshops expressions, access editions, 2010): I am … One day, I … One day, I Was Told I forgot … that … I have … I do not have … I wait … I would like …


Works 3

13th century. North Portal, façade of Strasbourg Cathedral Sandstone Constrained writing: Maybe She Was turned to stone because … List what petrify Could the woman and turn into a statue.


Work 4

Lovers dead, Swabia around 1470, oil on panel Collective poetic play What for? …

Because …


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