1st visit to Musée des Beaux-Arts


MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS The museum presents a panorama of the history of painting in Europe Italian and Flemish primitives to 1870

First visit of the Museum of Fine Arts

Artwork 1

Veronese, Cephalus and Procris, 1580, Oil on canvas
Violence in mythological and biblical stories
The feelings / emotions that we do not control: jealousy, fear, anger
What jealousy => fear, lack of confidence in yourself and the other
The passions too violent emotions and sometimes difficult to manage, which can lead to violence
The table tells the story of a couple, Cephalus and Procris, which are very amoureux.Tous Céphale days from the hunt and Procris is concerned that in the forest it finds another femme.Elle is jealous! To have the heart net, one day she decides to follow him without being seen. During the chase, Procris hides behind a bush of which it is unintentionally move the feuillage.Pensant it is an animal, Cephalus throws his spear into the bush and injures his wife mortally!
Artwork 2

Giuseppe Maria Crespi, Christ fallen under the cross, around 1735,

Oil on wood

• A man abused … how do you see? How the painter he shows us his suffering?
• What did he have done to suffer such violence?
• This man is the Christ.Représenté swollen face during his Passion, he is here accompanied by one of his executioners seems to revel in the suffering it inflicts. Few painters have figured Christ in such suffering of his body. A pain he shares with us his look.

Artwork 3 et 4

Jean-Frédéric Schall, Maternal Fright
Towards 1798Huile wood and oil on canvas
The feelings / emotions that we do not control: jealousy, fear, anger
The choices made and their consequences … … write the rest of the story (What are the consequences of violence and how things right? …

When possible ?)
• A couple is facing a terrifying spectacle in their bedroom, the bed of their baby was overthrown and their dog has the mouth

Thinking that the animal attacked the child, the father does not seek more

explanations and beat the dog to death … He will realize too late that the poor animal was innocent. The dog had protected the child against the attack of a snake. It is the blood of the reptile he had in the mouth!

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