Introducing the Las Cazes college


Students at work

The Las Cazes college is a « ghetto » college. People of the urban neighborhoods are not necessary poor, but continued to live in the area, either because of personal preference (language, religion belief), or because of racist attitudes of people living in other areas of the city.

This is not only a urban area where in the majority of the residents are French-Arabian people (98% of the students are French Arabian) who are sometimes in extreme poverty, but people of this area are physically isolated from non‐poor residential areas of the town.

This physical isolation is characterized by the distancing of families from the suburban locations where jobs are being created, from cultural institutions such as museums, theatres, public libraries or cinemas.

The College is a junction point between the ghetto and the rest of the town. This is the reason why the Musée Fabre and the college “Las Cazes” started a particular partnership in order to break the Social 
 Isolation of our students.

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