Visit to the "Golden Age of painting in Naples" exhibit


Students, teachers and Fabre museum’s staff

Generally speaking, students of the college Las Cazes have difficulties in recognizing and interpreting emotional expressions from the others. Therefore they  have difficulties in sharing their own emotional states of mind and communicating in a proper way with the others. Their inability to express or to  interpret correctly an emotional state of mind induces major blunders in communication. Ultimately, this causes feelings of aggression, rejection, suffering and violence. The project “emotions” in partnership with the Musée Fabre aims to help students to characterize their emotions in order to build a better communication with the others.


Boys “at work” during the visit










1 °) learn to recognize the emotions of others in using the reading of the body language (faces and gestures of the characters) . The base of this work are the paintings of the exhibition « Golden Age of painting in Naples ».

2 °) Understand when and why a painted character is experiencing an emotion. Arise mirrored the question of at what point and why we even feel an emotion.

3 °) namely express emotions (role-playing game) from a list of known situations.


girls acting from a painting behind them

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