Community Art and Creative Fridays

Hello from BART!

BART’s 8th graders are feeling very excited because we just received a second round of letters from our French pen pals in Strasbourg!

We are also excited to start Creative Fridays! Creative Fridays will allow us to work on long-term art projects inspired by the novels we have recently completed. The purpose of this creative project is to show what we have learned about culture or history from reading a historical fiction novel or memoir. We also want to use public art as a way to build community and compassion in the BART community. 

Hanna Leatherman, from The Clark Museum, helped us kick off Creative Fridays by introducing the concept of community art. We talked about purpose and audience of community art.

We also looked at and discussed example of effective and not-so-effective community art. Hanna organized these examples into CHEERS and JEERS! Here are some highlights from the CHEERS category in Hanna’s presentation:




CETA (Community Engagements through the Arts)
Transylvania University, Lexington, KY


Utility Paintboxes
Pittsfield, MA


“Plan to Change the World” Mural
Mt. Greylock Middle School

Finally, here is a link to Ms. Marr’s Creative Project Assignment and Rubric. This whole unit is brand new–feedback, suggestions, or ideas are welcome 🙂

We will keep you updated on our progress!



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