What a Coincidence! Mt. Greylock 7th Graders made t-shirts too!

Mt. Greylock’s 7th graders visited the Clark yesterday for their first session of the Curating a Culture of Respect project. Part of their day was spent making t-shirts, and we were so happy to discover that the teachers from the Hans Arp School were wearing the ones they made too! Although we are thousands of miles apart we are united by the same ideas: Can art change the world? Can art change YOUR world?

Yes it can!

Thank you to our French friends for the GREAT IDEA!


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Fashion Day

When the students arrived at Hans Arp school on Thursday 15th September, they discovered a strange fashion show: all the staff members were wearing the same tee-shirt.

img_4004The question “WHY?” was on everybody’s lips. Part of the answer was to be found with the question inscribed on the tee-shirt “Can art change the world?”.

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And to answer this last question, the pupils visited the Tomi Ungerer museum a few days later and discovered how an artist tackles this question.