Pen pals

The first letters of the French students to the American students from Bart are now ready!

As soon as the teachers manage to solve their IT problems 😉 the American students will be able to learn who their French penpal is, and what they did when they visited the Tomi Ungerer museum.

The French students are looking forward to the answer!

To catch a glimpse of the letters, follow this link!


Curating a Culture of Respect at BART 2016-2017

Hello all!

BART’s 8th grade team is excited to start a new year with the Curating a Culture of Respect program. We launched the program this year by introducing our overarching inquiries:

Can art change the world?

Can (B)art change the world?

Can I change the world? 

Students made posters of these questions for the 8th grade hallway.

At BART, we meet once a week in small advisory circles to talk about important topics in our community. As we prepare to visit The Clark Art Institute, we conducted several circle discussions on the topic of ART:

  1. Connections to Art
  2. Art in Our World
  3. Art Museums

We started our circle discussions by watching videos about art. Our students really enjoyed these videos from SoulPancake!

Next week is our first field trip of the year! We can’t wait to explore the galleries and make art at The Clark.