"Emotions at work" at the Fabre museum in Montpellier

Since September 2016, the Fabre museum, supported by FRAME and the Ministry of Culture and Communication, has provided teachers with a device designed around the theme of emotions in connection with the permanent collections of the museum.

The presentation form of the device can be downloaded here:

Emotions at work – presentation 534.31 kB
Within the framework of this system, many tools are available and can be used as a guided tour or as an independent visit to the museum.

They can also be used in schools as preparation or extension.

For more information, please write to m.gaquerel@montpellier3m.fr

A teaching sheet accompanying the device, written by Vivien Chabanne – a teacher attached to the museum – is also available

Dispositif émotions – mode d’emploi (Emotions device) – instructions 35,57 kB

Downloadable tools:
Les notices d’oeuvres (The works of art) 7,03 MB
Les oeuvres ont la parole (The works have the floor) 3,25 MB
Toute une histoire  (A whole story) 3,29 MB
Des mots pour le dire (Words to Say it) 920,01 kB
Affiche 1 (Show) 337,61 kB
Affiche 2 (Show) 390,94 kB

The 8 downloadable digital postcards:

Carte 1 – Paolo Caliari dit Veronèse (Paolo Caliari called Veronese) 1,74 MB

These digital postcards can be sent to m.gaquerel@montpellier3m.fr to be shared on the Fabre museum website.

By writing to this same address you can also ask that the Fabre Museum provide you with paper postcards.