Collège Simone Veil / Musée Fabre: some pictures of the collaborative project in Montpellier

A very positive assessment for the project “Les émotions à l’oeuvre”, which brings together the Fabre museum and the college Simone Veil. A class of 4th has done a job throughout the school year in partnership with the Fabre museum … The result is now displayed on the windows of the college!

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After their second visit in the museums of Strasbourg, the pupils had the opportunity to work with an illustrator. They were invited to draw a new vision of what they saw at the museum. They suggest a world changed thanks to art, echoing the beginning of the school year question “Can art change the world?”

Fine Arts Museum

“All lives matter”, Students drew the portrait of one another, of the elders who joined them for the visit and of some famous civil rights activists. They all share the same picture and become a protection for the civil rights of all.

Modern and Contemporary Art Museum

Imagine the museum of your dreams. A museum where there is a swimming-pool, where visitors can tag the walls or stand on the pedestals of the statues.

Historical Museum

Draw the symbols of the French Republic and modernize them. “Marianne” this bust present on the stamps and in every official buildings has become much cooler!

Museum Oeuvre Notre Dame

Iinspired by the first drawings of the Cathedral of Strasbourg, dating from the 12th century and revealed to the public for the first time this year, the students created their dream towers and spires.

L’Aubette 1928

Imagine this place in the future, what do you think the future will be like?

Museum of Decorative Arts

What does power mean? What are the symbols of power? The students re-thought the symbols and use of power.