Des maux, des musées, des mots

After having been interested in the theme of violence and otherness, the project “Evils, museums, words” proposed this year 2018-2019 to question the body and its representation in the world. art but also to question oneself about one’s body and that of the other.

In Western art, the body is one of the most treated themes and its representation has always questioned the artists. How and why do we represent the human body in painting and sculpture? What stories, for what purposes? What are the different modes of representation over time and what techniques are associated with it since ancient times?

Around this theme, the year will be punctuated by visits to the museum combining discoveries of masterpieces and exchanges with students. A dance presenter will also offer students the opportunity to work on movement, emotions and staging of the body, with a cross-over look at the various artistic expressions.


This project allowed students to question their own modes of representation and the aesthetic codes of their time. At the time of the selfie, it will be a question of putting into perspective the image of oneself and of coming out of norms to create otherwise.