Emotions , paintings, landscape, video and so more

This project involved researching the collections of the Musée Fabre, in particular landscape paintings and ideas in relation to landscape painting as the use of different formats, the use made by artist of different point of view, different style of space representation scale, and details.

The goal was the idea of a group of students developing their own city journey in the form of a “movie postcard”, which would convey their ideas about seeing, rediscovering and depicting the city.

In this work of art students explored the process of making a movie. They studied relation to both making landscape image – framing and focusing -and the use of text as a narrative through commentary. They presented their explorations in a short movie which could be the story of a classroom making a movie about “how to be more aware about our surrounding”. What to tell about what we know the most in the place we live in. How to see fragment of the past, fragment of the future, present living.

The length of the movie was optional, the main goal was to produce the idea of a journey, in their own city depicted through their look. Writing the documentary was interpreted in a number of ways. Some stuck to a literal description of views, others made more elaborated comments involving emotions and feelings.