What a Coincidence! Mt. Greylock 7th Graders made t-shirts too!

Mt. Greylock’s 7th graders visited the Clark yesterday for their first session of the Curating a Culture of Respect project. Part of their day was spent making t-shirts, and we were so happy to discover that the teachers from the Hans Arp School were wearing the ones they made too! Although we are thousands of miles apart we are united by the same ideas: Can art change the world? Can art change YOUR world?

Yes it can!

Thank you to our French friends for the GREAT IDEA!


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Mt. Greylock's 7th Grade English Class Connects with Curating a Culture of Respect Project

Dear All,

Here is the literature that we’re reading that connects to the concepts in the Curating a Culture of Respect project:

Bystander, by James Preller
The Thing about Jellyfish, by Ali Benjamin
Wonder, by RJ Palacio
The Big Wave, by Pearl S Buck
The Miracle Worker (story of Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan), play by William Gibson
Every student reads a book about the Holocaust (fiction or non fiction)

Each of these stories has the theme of overcoming challenges/hardships. The theme of the first half of the year is: “Who am I? Who/what has helped me become the person I am today?” We then ask kids to define (and try to become) the best version of themselves. Later in the year we discuss how challenges and hardship define us and makes us stronger—helping us become the best version of ourselves.

We would love to hear about other books or recommendations around how helping, supporting and respecting others can bring out the best in all of us.

BART and Mt. Greylock RS make visits to the Clark!

In October 2015, BART Charter School’s 8th grade class visited the Clark to look at art in relation to thinking about human nature. Since then, another school around Williamstown—Mt. Greylock Regional School—joined the “Curating a Culture of Respect” project and the entire 7th grade visited on January 12. The Clark education department worked with Mt. Greylock’s teachers to develop a full-day event for them. A lot of the programming for this visit was based on the experiences we have shared with BART.

Mt. Greylock Students in the galleries

Mt. Greylock Students in the galleries

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The Clark hosted about 110 students at the museum to discuss ideas around compassion, aggression, and violence prevention. Between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM, students had an hour experience in the galleries. They then spent the other hour meeting in conversations about “The Power of Art.” Four speakers were stationed in separate corners of a large multipurpose space in the museum, and each station discussed a different theme—Art & Ownership, Art & Community Enhancement, Art & Influence, and Art—Now & Then.

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After lunch, all 110 students went into the galleries to complete reflections related to art and what it tells us about human behavior. Thank you to all teachers, chaperones, and especially the students for an enriching, exhilarating day. What a way to kick off 2016!

All photos taken by Tucker Bair.