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    Chelsea Neveu

    Hello All,

    Attached below are notes from the debriefing session regarding Mt. Greylock’s visit on January 12. We welcome all to read them–they describe what worked well and what could be improved. If you have any thoughts, ideas, questions or comments, we’d love to hear them!

    Thank you,
    The Clark Education Department


    Mt. Greylock Regional School, 7th Grade
    Curating a Culture of Respect Project

    Date: Tuesday, January 12
    Start Time & End Time: 9:30 AM—2:00 PM
    Location: Michael Conforti Pavilion and Galleries
    Attendance: 130 (including chaperones). About 110 students total.

    Clark Staff: Ronna Tulgan Ostheimer, Chelsea Neveu, Hanna Leatherman
    Three Docents to lead talks in galleries: Ellen, Fran, Liz
    Three guest speakers and one Clark staff member for the Power of Art Discussions: Peter Low, Guy Hedreen, Laura Thompson (Hanna Leatherman also led one of these discussions)

    •Increase awareness of the dynamics of healthy human nature, raise awareness about violence prevention
    •Engage with art to expand understanding about human relationships, violence and compassion
    •Connect young people/schools with the Clark as a place to explore and consider current social issues and problems, and to think about their power in shaping their own futures

    What Worked Well:
    •Use of a large space like the Conforti Pavilion to hold 110 students and their chaperones and to have enough space to corner off each Power of Art conversation station
    •Large signs with numbers for each Power of Art station
    oLaminated pictures at each station to pass around
    •Independent time in the galleries after the gallery talks and conversations with a guided assignment related to the themes of the program
    •Careful planning, clear and shared agenda for the day, specific rules for all involved

    Future Recommendations:
    •Timing: schedule group to arrive slightly earlier to allow for little more wiggle room in timing
    •Offer snacks halfway through between switching groups from galleries to Conforti Pavilion (and vice versa)—something simple like juice boxes, crackers, fruit with small plates and napkins
    •Ask students to move chairs over to conversation stations before they start to avoid additional fatigue (many students were sitting on the floor near the end of the second hour, whether in the galleries or in the Pavilion)
    •Work with more teachers across the disc. ahead of time to make more direct links to more curricular areas

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